fredag 8 april 2016

My new best friend!

I finally got around to buy a new camera, and it's about time I update the blog!

Today I'm gonna introduce you to my new best friend!
I have a lot of friends in my life who have stood up for me, helped me out when I was down etc, but my new best bud is called Zandri Dust Spray!

Look at this beautiful bastard!
Zandri dust and I do everything together - We share a room, watch tv series, eat snacks, he even helps me paint, and then some!

Daemons of Nurgle - on display at Games Workshop Oslo
Can't recall where I got the guide from, but spraying Zandri Dust, washing Athonia Camoshade then drybrushing Underhive Ash is a method I've used lately to paint my Nurgle Daemons, and the result is satisfying!

Repainting in progress
I was so pleased that I went over most of my stuff - even the finished stuff!

1100pts or Daemons, ready for war!
Today I even took my daemons for a spin. Tried out a list that included zero Plaguebearers but included Heralds for summoning.

Peter tries to shoot down the Soul Grinder.
The game went great, but I need to experiment more with the daemons.
Zandri Dust spray worked so well that I started experimenting a bit on my Death Guard as well.
I don't belive I will repaint the Death Guard army, but I might have found a faster way of painting them, with a better result.
So with this in mind, I'v started adding more units!
These will be shown off in the next post!

Until then!

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