torsdag 17 mars 2016

RIP, my sweet camera.

So the day has finally come, when my old camera finally broke.
I suspected it would break when I found a crack in the battery lid, although it stopped working due to some technical error inside. It's a very old camera and the company producing it say they can't repair it anymore. So until I've gotten a new one, I won't be posting anything here. The picture below is taken with my phone, and its quality is crap...

But here's what I've been up to lately: More Nurgle! I've realized that Nurgle figures is what I enjoy painting, so I'm going to expand my army to age of sigmar. As soon as I get a hold of a new camera I'll give you a step by step paint guide!

Until then.

1 kommentar:

  1. Sweet, more Nurgle! The new colour-sheme for the rotten skin looks great! I'm looking forward for a tutorial.