torsdag 21 april 2016


As promised, here are the new Death Guard units I mentioned in the last post (pictures turned out awefully yellow...).

Raptors - Not planning on using them, I just really wanted to make this conversion.

Third Helbrute is finally getting painted.

Just another unit of Plague Marines... or is it? Maybe I have great plans for this unit?

No Chaos army is complete without a couple of possessed marines, right?

The Shaman is also getting painted.

Nurgle Bikers!
My Nurgle bikers got downsized from 5 to 3 man. The other 2 is getting a Champion of their own, and all bikers are getting fancy new bases!

New and improved Siphistus! (left)
Although I've always liked the Daemon Prince on the right, it has always bothered me that it wasn't converted, so I made a new one. I now have no idea what to do with the spare one...

And currently I'm working on an entry for The Fang painting competition. Since I am a Games Workshop employee, I can only participate in the Staff category, which will be voted on by the people, so I really need to make this stand out!
Will show off this entry in a near future!

Until then!

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