söndag 21 juni 2015

Blood and Fire!

Long time since last post, so not wasting time.

The Battle for Zarona campaign has been cancelled. Not all players were able to play a game per week (it IS a big commitment), and getting everybody together once per week to claim tiles etc is also a hassle. Well, we tried, it was great fun, the system works (most important), and now we're ready to do another campaign that doesn't rely on players getting together all the time.

In the meantime:

Had a game against a newfound friend, Per-Kenneth who brought his nurgle infested Iron Warriors warband: The Rust Warriors. Tried my Blood Angels with Astra Militarum for fun. Heavy flamers in drop pods seems to do the trick!

With that in mind, I've started assebling and painting more Blood Angels: Heavy flamer-wielding tactical marines, fully upgraded vanguard squad and of course, the new terminators. Karlaen needs his bodyguards, one who is carrying the company standard of course.

But most interesting thing on my table right now has to be my brand new army: Adeptus Mechanicus.
I went for the big bundle from the Games Workshop website (for the exclusive Formation Datasheet of course), with some additional units (Destroyers, more Vanguard and mainly; an Imperial Knight).

Hopefully I will be able to get enough finished for Armies on Parade in September!


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