lördag 13 februari 2016

Focus, dammit!

When I saw the progress I was able to make on my Blood Angels by just 'divide and focus', I decided to try the same thing with my Sons of Horus.
This army was actually finished when I realized that I was unhappy with the green colour and decided to give them another layer and a highlight. Turned out a lot better, and here's what's finished so far:

5 man veteran squad. Waiting for the other 5 man.
Converted contemptor dreadnought - for more Dakka
5 Reavers with bolters - just love the black armour!!
Nothing new, but here's Abaddon again!
By breaking up the squads into 5-man units I managed to layer and highlight one squad in an evening. Next the agenda (for my Sons of Horus) is the rest of the veteran squad and 5 terminators.

Plus all my other projects of course...


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