måndag 1 februari 2016

Heads up! Blood Angels are coming!

I haven't done any progress on my Blood Angels in a very long time, and with the divorce and me moving out, I was on the verge of throwing them all in the bin. I just didn't have any inspiration for them anymore!

Then I realized what the problem was: When I sat down and tried to paint them, I wanted to paint all of it at once, which ended up with me painting nothing!

So I gave myself one last chance before I binned them, and this time I was going to be smart about it! I divided my Angels into Demi-companies, 50 marines at a time!

Not 100% finished, but 98% I would say! Here's my first Demi-company!

Demi company in all its glory!
First squad - fist, melta and heavy flamer. Banner not done yet.

Second squad - Power sword, melta and heavy flamer. Banner needs a transfer.

Made a booboo - this is actually 6th squad, not third...

7th Assault squad - had to replace all shoulderpads and helmets...

9th Devastator squad - Replaced with the new Devastator kit.

Command squad - Captain Machiavi and the veterans needs heads.
Since the helmets of the assault marines aren't sprayed red, I painted them separetly.

Same thing went for the devastator squads helmets.

Now it's just the Dreadnought left! Have a couple of thing on the agenda for my Angels:

*Second Demi-company
*Arch-Angels Demi-company (First company formation)
*Legion support (Death Company, Scouts, Sanguinary Guards)
*Dedicated transports

Will see which one I pick up next.


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