lördag 27 december 2014

A new era!

Merry Christmas everybody, and a Happy New year!

I just collected my latest mail order, which might not look so exciting, but let me assure you - it is.
100 bases of the new size, 32mm. When I first saw these I expected a lot of whiny comments on the internet, but about 90% of the people I've spoken to says the same thing:

"These are awesome! They actually make Space Marines look like Space Marines!"

 And I couldn't agree more! This is my Sternguard Sergeant in progress (I've started to paint the heads and helmets separatly, especially if the helmet has another colour than the armour). I got a couple of the new bases with the new Blood Angel purchases, but with the 100 I got today, I will have to rebase my Death Guard and Blood Angel army!

And I'm really looking forward to it!


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