torsdag 1 januari 2015

Happy New Year!!

A happy new year to you all! Hope your year is filled with wonderful new figures!

I've been working a bit on my Death Guard - it's time for some changes.
First of all, the figures needs 32mm bases, and secondly, I'm not very satisfied with the white armour. It's simply too bright.

Left: This is how the army currently looks.
Centre: This figure has been washed with a mix of Agrax, Athonian and Nuln Oil, thinned out with water and Lahmian Medium.
Right: The washed figure has been placed on a 32mm base.

I can clearly see the difference, and I intend to do this process on all my Death Guard figures, including tanks and walkers!

In other news, I just received my other 8 tiles of Zone Mortalis from Forge World!
As I write this, I have already primed 50% of the tiles, the second set still needs to be washed.
Back to the desk!


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