måndag 30 juni 2014

Déjà vu - I think I've had this problem before...

A long time ago, I had a problem which caused me to repaint a small force, my Death Guard.
Luckily, the force was only a couple of figures, a Daemon Prince and 7 Plaguemarines to be exact.
I shouldn't complain because I was so satisfied with the results that I just kept painting more and more Death Guard. It is now one of my main armies, when I just intended it to be a 10 man squad for a Black Legion army.

With 7th edition I am now able to summon daemons for my Death Guard, and naturally that means that I must have several squads of Plaguebearers. So far I have 2 maxed out units. Here's where the problems came back - How the hell do you paint squad markings on something that doesn't use armour!?

You don't.

I decided to repaint one of my squads in a rotting flesh colour, a colour scheme I will repeat on Nurgling bases or Nurglings on bases for my Plaguebearers or Heralds.

The boils and blisters will be painted in the same shade, and both squads have the wounds painted in the same palette to bind the units together somehow. The plagueswords will also be painted alike.

After Epidemius, The Herald from Forge World and Herald from Games Workshop, you quickly run out of figures to use as Heralds. I went for the fantasy Champion of Nurgle and replaced his head with a that of a Plaguebearer. I went for the head vomiting maggots, and added a pile of maggots on the base. This will look better when the figure is fully painted.

And for you who have seen my Facebook posts, you might have caught a glance of this figure:
Scabeiathrax the Bloated! Finally finished. The boils, blister and open wounds was the parts that took the longest time to paint.

Even though it looks diguisting, it turned out perfectly.
I'm currently working on a Plague Hulk, re-painting my Blight Drone, painting my Plague Drones, Heralds, Epidemius and Nurglings, so it will probably be a while before I'm done.
On top of this I'm also considering re-painting my Plague Toads (which I use as Beasts of Nurgle).
When I paint Nurgle skin, I always start with Mournfang Brown and wash Nuln Oil, but I'm considering painting them Castellan Green right away with green washes, to make them more vibrant. Fitting for a toad I think.

That's it for today, I believe I will be posting pictures of my Death Guard next time.

Until then.

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