måndag 11 februari 2013

The Black Legion - Phase 1: Inspiration

So I managed to sell off my Black Legion, got the money, and I'm shipping the things tomorrow. 
But I don't intend to stop playing Chaos Marines, on the contrary, I'm re-building the army and even expanding it!

This time, I want a theme. This is quite difficult since there isn't much artwork on the Black Legion. The Iron Warriors, Word Bearers and Night Lords are quite straight forward, as are the cults; Death Guard, Emperors Children, Thousand Sons and World Eaters, but as I said, there's not much artwork on the Black Legion.

But there's plenty on the Sons of Horus.

Picture from Codex: Chaos Space Marines - page 6. Used without permission.

And that's how I will build my army. I will make a Sons of Horus theme, but still paint it as the Black Legion. Maybe the army could be the Sons of Horus, right after they changed their name.

So right now I'm on phase one of building an army:Inspiration.
I look at pictures on the internet, artbooks etc to find a theme.
Son of Horus

So far, this is what the figures should look like.

*Pre-heresy helmets, avoid horns and add top-knots to the heads.
*Studded shoulder pads and legs.
*Think Legion, not Warband.
*Leather straps/tabards. Don't know what they are called, but the thing Abaddon has under his belt.
*Eye of Horus
*Wolf pelts and/or capes.

I'm not going to use Terminators a lot, but I still have to have one unit, and they will look like the Forge World Justaerin Terminators, although I won't use that model.

 Justaerin Terminator - Forge World Copyright, used without permission.

The next phase will be gathering bits for the big project. Bits sites and friends bit-boxes will not go safe!

Until the next time!


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