tisdag 4 december 2012

Doubles tournament!

Rory from the Rottimus blog invited me to a doubles tournament last weekend. We both use the Blood Angels Codex, but in very different styles, and we figured it would be a nice way to complement each other's "flaws". I tend to focus a lot on infantry, while Rory usually takes a lot of armour.

We planned to have a meeting on a weekend, play a couple of games, alter the lists and make a really good list. Unfortunally, I got sick and had to stay home that particular weekend, so we just met up on the day of the tournament and hoped for the best.

Game 1: Blood Angles VS Chaos Marines & Chaos Daemons.
The first player had a large unit of cultists and a havoc squad and the other spammed flamers of Tzeentch and screamers. Being a  Daemons player myself, I knew the threat the flamers posed. What went really well in the tournament in general was that me and Rory talked a lot about the tactics, what we should do next, shoot or assault, which target and so on. I Told him that we needed to get rid of the flamer ASAP, so we focused all our firepower on them and managed to get a small victory!

Game 2 was against Space Marines and Necrons. Mission: Kill points. The necron player spammed Wraiths, which was a really boring match. They are way to cheap for what they are able to do on the battlefield. A minor mistake on our side, we forgot the assault bikes are T5, so Rory focused his missiles on them and tried to get an easy kill point, when we should have focused on the Wraiths. That they saved about 16 saves in one roll didn't help me neither! Big loss on game 2.

Game 3: By far the most entertaining game of the day! Blood Angels VS Orks! We had a blast, and our opponents were really nice guys. We played the Relic, so both sides rushed the centre of the board (which sported some really nice terrain by the way), to claim the objective. The game went really well, until the very end when we realized that we had no chance of winning. Loss game 3.

What really made our day was that we got the award for best painted team! In my opinion, that felt better than winning first price. So we went home happy, tired, and with a couple of brushes and paints in our bags. We're already planning on making a themed army for next year.


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