onsdag 28 november 2012

From the Forge!

I went by the post office yesterday to pick up my package from Forge World, here's what I got:

Besides three packs of weathering powders, I also got a Death Guard Terminator conversion kit. These will fit in nicely with my other Death Guards.

With Typhus and the one I already got from a bits site, that makes the squad an even 7 (Yes, 7 is suddenly an even number).

And I also got myself a conversion kit for Noise Marines which I will equip with close combat weapons and mount in a Rhino. I will try to take advantage of the high initiative and make good use of the Champion's Doom Siren.

 And for you who remember the Iron Hands captain I converted a while ago, I made some modifications to the figure. I wasn't too happy with his equipment. A chainsword isn't something for a captain, so I gave him a Relic Blade, made out of a Blood Angels thunder hammer and the axe head from an Engineseer.

That's it for today, now I will try to get something painted.

Until next time!

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