onsdag 29 augusti 2012

Daemonic reinforcements!

It was a really long time ago since I got some Daemon reinforcements - last time must have been when I started this blog! This time it's not from my parents place in Sweden, but new figures from Games Workshop!

Plastic plaguebearers! Something I have been waiting for for a long time! Not only that, but also plastic nurglings, flamers of tzeentch and screamers of tzeentch! along with this there was also a couple of finecast releases (among them a Great Unclean One) and rules updates for daemons.

The nurglings looks great! In the box of nurglings and plaguebearers you get so many single nurglings that you can spread them out on the bases on the rest of your army.

 Not only did I have so many over that I could cover the greater daemon, but I also made a lot of wound markers for my nurgle cohort.

I actually managed get some paints on the figures the same weekend I got the figures, but that will be shown in another post.

Until next time!

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