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Campaign time!

Rory has invited Rik, Mons and me to a 40k campaign. The Crusade of Vengeance!
Rory's idea is to make 4 special characters to use in our games. He has already made is characters (read of them here), and inspired us all to make ours! So here are my characters:

Black Legion Lord Keraz - Lord of the 42nd host (additional rules are underlined).

Points: 250

Wargear: Terminator Armour, Mark of Khorne, Personal Icon, Combi-melta, Bloodfeeder, Mask of Fury.

Mask of Fury: Keraz's mask is a gift of Khorne. It grants its wearer a 2+ Deny the Witch roll.

Speacial Rules: Fearless, Independent Character, Eternal Warrior, Furious Charge, Rage.

Total Domination: Keraz established his domination over the Bloodthirster in his Daemon sword long ago. Keraz will never take a wound if he rolls one or more ones when he rolls for attacks. He is the master of his sword.

Keraz is a favoured liutenenant of Warmaster Abaddon. He is the ruthless ruler of the 42nd Host. Keraz is a favoured warrior of Khorne, although he didn't seek the Blood God's favour. Centuries of killing and destroying made him a chosen champion. He was gifted with a Bloodfeeder, a Hellblade that has a Bloodthirster bound within it. Right after he drew the sword, he established his dominance over the Greater Daemon, forever binding it to his will.

Lord Keraz

Grand Sorcerer Adrastus - Advisor and Equerry to Keraz (additional rules are underlined).

Points: 200

Wargear: Terminator Armour, Twin-linked bolter, Force Staff, Mark of Tzeentch.

Special Rules: Mastery level 3.

Psychic Powers: Pyromancy, Telepathy, Telekinesis.

Warp Speaker: Depending on the scenario, Adrastus may gain additional powers or rules (with the approval of the opponent).

Adrastus holds the title of Grand Sorcerer. He is Keraz's personal advisor. Although Keraz doesn't trust magics, his still values Adrastus's councell - Only a fool would completly ignore the value of sorcery. Adrastus is well versed with daemonology, and is currently in charge of building a Tahalamen Fortress, which is a huge construction possessed by a vast daemon. With his knowledge, he will be able to comminicate with this living fortress, while the fortress slowly infests the entire planet, and finally will be able to open a huge rift, turning the entire sector into a new, small, Eye of Terror.

Sorcerer Adrastus

Gorius the Everliving - Exalted Champion of the 42nd Host (additional rules are underlined).

Points: 70

Wargear: Power Armour, Bolt pistol, Frag & Krak grenades, Power weapon, Bolter.

Special Rules: Fearless, Feel No Pain, Daemonic Strength, Independent Character.

Daemonic Strength: Gorius is semi-possessed by a Daemon. Although Gorius is still in control of his body, the Daemon grants him a portion of his strength. Gorius has +1 Wound and +2 Strength.

Exalted Champion: Although Gorious is an Independent Character, he is purchased as an Aspiring Champion for a squad of Chaos Space Marines or Chosen. He is only allowed to leave the unit if all other members of the squad are killed.

Gorius is the Exalted Champion of the 42nd Host, a title he bears with pride. He was charged with the task of building an army in the name of Keraz. A small force of Black Legionnaires, accompanied with elite trained cultists began their crusade, killing armies and enslaving the remains. And it was so that the Sons of Keraz were born. Upon his ascension to Exalted Champion he was blessed with a daemonic gift, making him stronger, and next to impossible to kill. In the Battle for Kemlik Square, Gorius sufferd greivous wounds from a demolisher cannon. What little was left of him was brought back with to the Host, and only mere months after the incident, he had fully recovered. It is said that Adrastus played a big part in the reconstruction of his body.

Gorius the Everliving

Horkal the Warfiend & Voice of Horkal (additional rules are underlined).

 Points: 200 (including the entire company command squad)

Wargear: Horkal: Blessing of the Blood God, Power Axe. Voice of Horkal: Laspistol, Frag grenades, close combat weapon, Flak Armour, Refractor Field.

Special Rules: Horkal: Fearless, Rage, Furious Charge. Voice of Horkal: Senior Officer.

Horkal: Horkal uses the stats for Nork Deddog in Codex: Imperial Guard. All 'Look out, Sir!' rolls must be assigned to Horkal. As long as Horkal is alive, all units within 12" from Horkal is Fearless.

Voice of Horkal: The Voice of Horkal uses the stats for a Company Commander from Codex: Imperial Guard. As long as Horkal is alive, all orders are automatically passed.

When Gorius declared the Sons of Keraz an army worthy of fighting alongside the Lord of the 42nd Host, he appointed Horkal as the commander. Horkal carved a bloody path through his enemies with his power axe, always thirsty for more blood. His bloodthirst pleased Khorne who gave him the gift of spawnhood. Horkal is now a fearsome daemonic beast, but has lost his ability to lead the army, forever lost in bloodlust. Gorius appointed an acting commander who would act as the Voice of Horkal. It is unknown if the Voice understands Horkal at all, or if he is taking the reins. Only Adrastus knows for sure. One thing is for sure, Horkal is an icon to the army, and having him "lead" it from the front is a sight that terrifies the enemies.
There have been several Voices since Horkal's induction to spawnhood. They don't seem to last very long, especially when Horkal gets mad and turns his fury on his follower...

Horkal & Voice of Horkal

That's the main characters of my army. My Tahalamen Fortress will probably also play a big part in the campaign. Hopefully I'll get my main characters painted soon.

Until next time!

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