onsdag 22 augusti 2012

Zone Mortalis - Part 4: Details and improvement

Last saturday I was hosting a game of Zone Mortalis Kill Team at my local Games Workshop store. I had designed a special mission, where the objective was to destroy a chaotic object, and as secondary objective try to kill as many Chaos Space Marines as possible.

The event was well recieved; I got a lot of compliments on my gaming table, and people thought the mission was refreshing. The staff at Games Workshop want me to host more games in the future, and I'm not one to turn that opportunity down!

All the kind words got me inspired to add more details to my Zone Mortalis table. First up, the board looks nice, but as Mats at GW Oslo said, it looks naked. I couldn't agree more, so I made a schablon to drybrush tiles on the floor. Not quite what I had in mind when I first made the table, but the result looks good!

I always wanted doors for my table, but making blast doors for a dungeon doesn't fit what I had in mind. Also, I couldn't make small doors and a piece of wall since you have to remove the entire wall whenever someone opens the door, I don't want the walls to get scraped and so on. But in the end, I made a couple of doors that will stay in place when I set up the terrain. I made some extra rules for the doors: All units (that fit) can move through the doors, but never draw line of sight!

No dungeon is complete without torches and an arcane library of course. The torches will cast a glowing effect on the walls, just like the candle. I already made the glowing effect on the wall, but the furniture aren't painted yet (nor glued in placed either).

And here are some of the disturbing details I mentioned in the last post. I figure that this fortress is "alive" in a sense. The chaos cult has filled the walls with bodyparts and blood, and the weak barrier between our universe and the Warp has made the fortress into a semi-living fortress. Daemonic flesh is pressing out from the walls, and eyes grow in dark corners. I imagine that sorcerers who can communicate with the entity use the eyes for surveilance. Funny thing is, that everyone who saw the eyes at Games Workshop called them "primitive surveilance cameras".

I haven't found a place for this piece yet, but I'm going to place it half-way inside a wall, to represent grenades going off, taking off pieces of the wall to reveal the horrifying truth about the fortress.

And currently, besides improving the tiles, I have started making a "Mysterious 10th tile".
When I got the wood tiles, I ordered 9, but the carpenter who made them gave me the 10th tile free of charge. For long I have just had the 10th tile lying around, but I just found a good way to use it...

I'm not telling you. I'll show you soon enough.

Until then.

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