onsdag 11 juli 2012

Collection progress

Rory is well again, and we got to play a game of 6th ed. Made the lists for trying out a lot of the new rules, including tanks and monstrous creatures. We played objectives, in a mission that allowes tanks to hold. Making my Leman Russ tanks kind of special.

Deployment was kind of straight forward, two armies facing each other.

Aaaand about here I realized the game was soon to be finished...

I gave up in turn 4, with no chance of winning. Good game Rory, I'll get you next time...

Other than playtesting a lot, I also try to get my unpainted figures done (and trust me, there are a lot of them). I still had a gift voucher which i spend on a unit of Death Guards. I wanted to try an Epidemius list with Plague Marine allies. Went quite well, but the list depends too much on one guy, so this is a list I won't be playing again soon. Perhaps I include him in Apocalypse games.

Speaking of which, Mons invited me to a huge Apocalypse game next week (don't remember if I mentioned it before), so now I'm thinking if I should play Blood Angles or Chaos Legions.

Anyway, here are some pictures of my work in progress.

A unit of Thousand Sons, using the Thousand Sons kit and Dark Angels robes. Theese used to be gold with blue robes, but I wanted to change it to the standard blue with cream-brown robes.

And here's the unit of Plague Marines I got. Painted like my Plaguebearers, with organge details, then washed black.

This Sorcerer Lord has been my Warlord for almost every game now. I really like the pose, and the new Psychic powers are awesome.

Anyone remember this figure? It's my conversion of Angron. Made him a long time ago, but I couldn't find a left hand, so I never finished him. Recently got Daemon Prince bits from a kind person who was working on a Prince in Games Workshop, and he kindly donated a sword and hand.

The figure is now sprayed, and will soon be painted.

In an hour, I leave for Sweden and won't be back until this weekend, and next week I'll play Apocalypse, so I don't expect to update the blog next week.

Have a nice summer everyone!


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