fredag 6 juli 2012

6th Edition is here!!

The 6th edition of Warhammer 40.000 is finally here, with some major changes!!
I will go through the game phase quick, but first I must explain the late post.

Last post was supposed to be a battle report between me and Rory's Black Scorpions, but Rory went through surgery (nothing serious, no worries!) and was high on painkillers, so we had to postpone the game. I ended up playing a game of Zone Mortalis with Mons a couple of days later, but was too tired to blog about it. I will show some of the pictures, but since the board is unfinished, it looks really boring.

Anyway, the 6th edition was released and I spent the weekend reading trhough the book, learning the rules.
I set up a table and wrote 2 army lists, Black Legion VS Blood Angels. I filmed the entire battle that I played against myself, edited it and uploaded it to Youtube. Unfortunatly, it was still too long so Youtube removed it instantly. That's why I wasn't very... in the mood to blog.

But that has now passed, and I will walk you through a basic games, with important things to remember!

-Before the game, Choose an army, an allied detachment and a fortification. The picture above shows a good example of such an army. Traitor Guards with a detachment of Black Legionnaires.

-Chose a Warlord from your primary detachment and roll for traits that will affect him and the army.

-Roll randomly for psychic powers for your psykers, if you have any.

Movement phase:

-Roll for reserves.

-Use psychic powers (that are activated in the movement phase).

-Move your figures.

Shooting phase:

-Use your psychic powers

-Shoot with the units that are within range. Shooting with heavy weapons on the move, measuring before shooting and other cool rules are new to the 6th edition.

-Run with the units that are going to do so.

Assault phase:

 -Declare charge.

-Defender fires Overwatch shots. A popular rule from 2nd edition. Don't know how it worked there, but it's really nice here.

-Engage in close combat. Wound allocation has been changed, plus a Challenge system has been introduced.


Things to remember are Snapshots, Look out, sir!, Precision shot and wound allocation. Close combat weapons have several prfiles now, so there's actually a big difference between a power sword and a power axe. Characters are more in focus now, not only Independent characters, but the small guys as sergeants and squad leaders as well!

Sorry for a boring post. Rory will stop by tomorrow for a game of 1200pts. My plan is to surprise him with Traitor Guards and Chaos Space Marines.

Hope he doesn't read this post just yet...

Until next time!

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