söndag 22 juli 2012

An army with character(s)!

 My friend Mons had for months planned a game of Apocalyptic scales. His parents went out of town, leaving him alone for almost a week. His plans were a week of gaming, with sleep-over possibilities for the ones who was in need. Several games, or a huge one, linked tables and so on.

Several people signed up as interested, but the week before, only 4 persons was confirmed. The day before the game, one person called in and said that he wouldn't make it. The morning of the game, another called in and said he had to work.

What a shame :(

Felt sorry for Mons, who had planned and prepared so much. I decided that we were going to play nonetheless, and it was going to be the best apocalypse game ever!!

Well, at least it was for Mons...

I bought pizza, snacks and drinks, and we played at my place instead. Mons played his Eldars, with a huge Revenant Titan in the back. I was totally crushed by his strike force.
In spirit of his Apocalypse planning, I wanted to paint a couple of things that weren't finished. I managed to get some colours on my chaplains and Vanguards (which I ended up not using).

After the game, I still wanted to get things finished, so I painted The Sanguinor.

And after he was finished, I went straight onto Astorath.

He is not finished yet, but close! Tomorrow I will be leaving for France, to visit my girlfriends parents for the first time. I'm not nervous, because how can I screw things up when you don't speak the language, right?

When I get back, I'll be posting pictures of the Apocalypse battle.

Have a nice summer!!

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