onsdag 16 maj 2012

Blood Angels VS Tyranids

6th of april, me against Mats.
Place: Games Workshop Oslo.
Mats is working on a Tyranid army. He claims that it's not a very competative list, but he wrote it for fun. He only plays for fun and wanted to make cinematic game, so we choose a mission from the Battle Missions book.

Points limit: 2000 pts
Deployment: *special*
Mission: All-round defence

"This was a doomed planet from the beginning. The bunker complex held data on hive fleet Ifrit which is the key to destroy the tyranids. The Blood Angels deploy to retreive the data, but realises that they won't be able to escape without a fight. They have to hold the bunker until storm ravens can pick them up. Will they survive?"

Since Mats went first and had everything in reserve, the Blood Angels made first contact in the end of turn 2!

The sternguard unit was killed in one shot by a blast of bioplasma.

The tactical squad in the bunker gun down the carnifex.

The tervigon spawns gaunts onto the table.

The lone sternguard veteran is charged! He got +1 attack for glory and didn't waste a single attack. 3 gaunts were killed before he was cut down.

Homing in on the veteran sergeants teleport homer, the terminator assault squad arrives to (try to) save the day!

The tactical squad in the bunker guns down another carnifex with the assisted fire from the dreadnought.

Not only did Mephiston manage to nullify most of the tyranid psychic powers, he also killed the hive tyrant in one turn of close combat!

Mephiston falls to the might of a tervigon's rage. After she killed Mephiston she charged the tactical squad on the bunker roof. The tyranids finally reached the objective, but the Blood Angels wasn't about to give it up so easily!


That was a close one! It all went up and down. Mephiston did a great performance, but it wasn't enough. Mats has a bad experience with Sternguards, so theese were his priority. The 2 tervigons didn't manage to kill the marines and dreadnought on the bunker, so the game ended quite cinematically...


We also agreed to start playing with experience points, and I thought that my tactical squad on the bunker did perform very well. Not only did they hold the objective the entire game, they managed to gun down 2 carnifexes! I rolled on the gunnery table and they rolled Relentless. This is a great rule as they have a plasma cannon AND plasma gun. Mats didn't have much left that was allowed to get experience, since he thought that it was too cheesy to give exp to a monstrous creature. In the end he gave a unit of gaunts the point, and they ended up with Prefered enemy. Sounds logical.

"As the lonly plasmagunner ran towards the objective, he found Mephiston's torn body and managed to drag him into the bunker before it was overrun by the tyranids. The unit on the roof managed to get into safety before their position was overrun. Sealing the bunker, they now could only wait. Several minutes later, storm ravens cover the area with heavy fire and managed to get the surviving Angels to safety.
The planet was lost, but the war had just begun..."

Until next time!

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