onsdag 9 maj 2012

Random Conversions

I have a lot of things in progress right now. I've sprayed my Chaos Fortress and plan on using it when I host an Apocalypse game at my local Games Workshop store. My Sons of Keraz have gotten more Chaos Marines, and my Blood Angels are getting more details painted, and I even got some more marines for my huge army!
But now, I want to show my random conversions I've made recently. Enjoy!

I had a couple of spare parts left and decided to make this terminator with an assault cannon. I intended to use it as a spare heavy weapon for my terminator squad, but I think now that it will be part of a new squad.

And a new squad means a new sergeant. The cloak is from the chaos lord set (see below), while his huge axe is a blade encarmine from the Sanguinary guard box.

And one figure that I have been missing is a techmarine. Using spare parts, the helmet from the Storm Raven kit and a thunder hammer from the Death Company, I made my own Techmarine.

And here's the infamous Lord Keraz! To mimick the look of my Enforcers (actually it's the other way around...), I gave the Lord a death mask with the halo trimmed down. As a Daemonweapon, I used a Bloodletter Hellblade to represent a Bloodfeeder.

And not only did I make 5 terminators as his bodyguards, but I also made a Sorcerer in terminator armour to boost this already deadly squad.

That's what I have for now.
Until next time!

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