tisdag 10 april 2012

Psykers, Spawns and glowing madness!

So, as promised, here's a picture of my (counts as) ogryns, The blessed ones!

They actually make more sense in a Defenders of Vraks army lists, since Ogryns there don't have ranged weapons and are more fearsome in close combat. Along with my Ogryns I also finished my squad of Battle Psykers.

I had to re-paint the faces, because the first attempt at making a glowing effect made them look like clowns. When I got the result I desired, I got so happy that I decided to paint more glowing effects! Nothing was safe from my brush! Everything from:

Auspex Scanners,

Plasma weapons,

Power weapons,


And even helmet lenses! This means that all my Blood Angels will have more details soon. Good thing that, because I feel I have neglecting my Blood Angels for too long... I have several thing left to paint, and even some more things to build.

So, I have played a couple of games and written some battle reports that are ready, but I'm going to post them another day... Right now I'm preparing for a game of Apocalyptic proportions, so my renegades need some painted tanks for that battle...

Until next time!

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