onsdag 21 mars 2012

Renegades - Mustering for Apocalypse!

So, one of my (newly found) friends that I happen to train Capoeira with, told me that he used to play 40k a lot when he lived back in Poland. He recently moved to Norway and don't have money to get into 40k right now. Luckily for us both, he used to play Blood Angels, and since I am in the middle of completing my Traitor Guard army, I had no problem lending him a force to play!

We set up the board, and since he hadn't played since 2nd ed, we decided to go for Kill points. The first thing that popped into my mind was that I had the disadvantage: several units, equal the size as Space Marines (or even smaller) and weaker armor and toughness. All turned when I looked as his armylist: 2*10 Assault marines, captain with thunderhammer, storm shield and jump pack, and 2*10 terminators. All his units was split into combat squads, so I had a fair chance of getting a couple of kill points. And so the game began!

He had an insanely luck with his deep strike rolls! Terminators landed within assault range (although they had to wait one turn) and assault marines with flamers landed within range to bear all 3 flamers to bear!

It all ended well though. He had only one terminator squad remaining, which I would have trouble defeating, but all my squads was spread out so he wouldn't have the time to kill them all. Minor victory for Chaos!

And since it's my birthday soon, I decided to host a small Apoclaypse game. Again, Imperial vs Chaos. I managed to deploy my Fortress guarded by my Traitor guard with Daemons as a backup.

It was an Imperial victory (due to Yarrick-lag). The Fortress was incredible durable. The only part they managed to destroy was the gate, which helped me because I was then able to move my baneblade through!

Here's a picture of the mighty Commanders. Ludvig with his many tanks, and Alex with his insane Terminator formation!

And me, hiding behind my walls...

So here's a closer shot of my Baneblade. Now I have 2 basilisk, 1 manticore and 2 chimeras to asseble! But now, paint some more infantry.

Until next time!

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