onsdag 4 januari 2012

First of 2012

I have actually taken a short break from my renegades, basically because I wanted to finish my Cities of Death terrain.

Not much left. I just painted whats supposed to be metal, and bronze. Gave it a rusting effect, and the bronze got an oxidized effect. This was achieved by painting Dwarf Bronze over Calthan Brown, and washing with a thinned-out Hawk Turquise.

I'm not totally satisfied with the manufactorum buildings as they didn't turn out as weather-worn as I had hoped. I will try to dab some Merchrite Red to look like worn-out paint.

And before I sign off for this time, I will show what's been done on my renegades.
I made a convertion for Chenkov (figure on the left) using various bits. On the right is a Chaos Marine with an experimental black colour. Hope it turns out nice.

I also got a chimera, and next time I'll show my plans how to convert it into a hydra, and still keep it as a chimera!


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