fredag 30 december 2011

Last for 2011

Happy hollidays everyone! I've been super busy with work, travelling, apartment hunting and of course, painting. But fear not, I've taken a lot of photos of my work in progress and I am continuing on my renegade force.

First off, I made some changes to the armylist. Instead of playing Defenders of Vraks, I'm just going with an Imperial Guard army. The Vraks list was cool, but putting the veterans in the elite slot made things difficult as it kind of forces me to purchase 2 infantry platoons.

The game master of the campaign I'm taking part of agreed to this change, along with some of my ideas: I get to use Chaos Space marines (from their own codex) as elite choise, and my infantry squads use random leadership as per codex: Defenders of Vraks. Not a good trade, but cool.

Here are the four Champions of Chaos to lead the army! I used a lot of Possessed bits to convert theese as I figured that being elevated in ranks should also bring gifts from the gods.

Mortars are not a strong weapon, but barrage weapons are great, and they are super fun to use! Like most heavy weapons in my army, not many are on 60mm bases.

I got another battle force, and I ran out of spikes for the helmets, and I didn't want to make any more gas masks. So I came up with the skull helmet pattern.

Switching to Codex: Imperial guard doesn't limit the snipers to veteran squads, so I got 2 more of them!

And now I'm allowed to field sanctioned psykers! Although, to me they aren't sanctioned, they're psychic slaves under the watchful eye of a khorne follower.

And although I'm not allowed to field them anymore, I still made 3 of them because they are cool: Tarantula sentry guns! I actually got to field them once or twice, and they are totally worth their points. Cheap, annoying and fairly good enough at shooting!

So that's it for this year, my reslution for next year is to start painting the army.

Happy new year!

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