torsdag 12 januari 2012

Converted Hydra

Finally I decided on a color scheme and began painting 20 figures. Other than that I've begun painting my psykers, but the Black Legionnaires are on hold.

The psykers robes was painted in a dirty brown color, based on Khemri Brown with Dheneb Stone highlights. I won't get into detail how I painted the Overseer, I will show that soon enough. But one of my favorite convertions right now is this one.

A normal Chimera, assemblied according to the instructions, but I didn't glue the top part of the hull.

I glued the weapon mount from the Aegis Defence Line kit inside the Chimera. Nothing special really...

I converted the Inceptor Autocannons, cut here and there, made the pipes longer using plastic rods.

And there we go! One custom made Hydra Flak tank/Chimera APC.

Sorry for the short post, long week and it's still not over.
Next time I'm planning on showing some of my painted renegades. I just hope I have time to finish some of them.

Until then, Cheers!

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