lördag 3 december 2011

Renegades - Astartes reinforcements.

I'm still working on my Traitor Guard army. Most of the traitors are now done, and the only thing remaining (except for painting of course) is basing the figures.

The army has a very rag-tag feel to it. The combination of mixed weapons, different heads and low-tech armor adds to this feel. I'm not sure how to paint them. First I was planning on ochre clothes with dirty armor plating in black, metal and brown. Now I'm considering black clothes, with chardon granite highlights and rusty armor. Another alternative is black with dark city-camo. I will have to make some test figures.

The army will be reinforced by two large squads of Black Legionnaires. I wanted the champion of the squad to really look like a favoured warrior of the gods, so he got a lot of bits from the Possessed box.

And of course, it wouldn't be a guard army without tanks, would it? One Demolisher finished, one Leman Russ to go and then I will need 2 Chimeras and 1 Hellhound. Saw in the codex that I am allowed a Manticore as a heavy weapon choise, and I am considering it. I love the look of a tank with 4 huge missiles on the back. For my Apocalypse attachment I will need a Baneblade, and will have to buy a Defiler to convert the Baneblade to my liking... What a waste of a perfectly good Defiler...

And finally, I found a way to convert my Enforcers. Standard Cadian torso, the commander legs from the command squad, armoured hands from the Chaos Space Marine box, and a head from the Sanguinary Guard. i liked the death mask idea, but it was far too big to fit on a guardsman. I tried trimming it down, but it still looked to big. In the end, I just chopped it in half, sliced of the face of a guadsman (from the command squad too) and just glued them together. It looks like he just put on a mask, which was exactly the result I was going for!

And I got an invitation to participate in a campaign, so I was thinking what a good idea to play with my new army! Here I will have the opportunity to add daemons too. And when we play Apocalypse, there will be 3 armies present from my side: Traitor guard, Chaos marines and Daemons! Death to the false Emperor!

More pictures next time, and I will try to keep a log of the campaign!


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