tisdag 15 november 2011

More Renegades!

Cutting and glueing, scraping and drilling. That's all I have been doing lately (except for training and working of course). Made an army list for my Renegades. The list isn't very good, but it has character!

I have also converted some more Renegades. Using the standard Cadian head, trimming the details like I described in the last post, and attatching rods instead of eyes and gas-masks from the command sprue, I have created a really mean looking renegade.

I was so satisfied with the result that I just kept making theese kind of helmets until I ran out of gas-masks. Unfortunatly, the unit attatched to the chest is in the way for the weapons, so I had to remove the chest unit and cable. The result was still very good.

Other than that, the project has run along just fine. Here's some heavy weapons and a meltagun with the muzzle replaced.

Meanwhile, on my desk...

So I cant't paint the renegades until I have the entire army. Or, I can't start painting the army until I have finished the squads. The first platoon is still missing a heavy weapon, the commander is missing a squad, etc...
So since I don't have anything else to paint, I paint my Blood Angels Characters and Chaos Daemons.

Next on the agenda is getting more renegades, assemble and base them.

So until next time.

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