torsdag 3 november 2011

Renegades - Traitor Guard

I just got a hold of two new battleforces; Imperial Guard (Cadians) and Chaos Space Marines. My new project is going to be 4 armies in one: Imperial Guard, Chaos Space Marines, Chaos Daemons (actually an ongoing project) and Defenders of Vraks.

The Vraks list isn't actually that good, but I just liked the fiction. I wanted to avoid Forge World as much as possible. They make GREAT figures, but an entire army of renegades will be costing me a lot, so I'm actually going for a converted Cadian army.

Simple conversions really, but really colourful! First out is the heads. Normal Cadian helmets, with all the extra plastic removed to make a basic, flat looking helmet. An added spike on the top of the helmet make them look feral.

Of course, all the Imperial Aquillas were removed, along with all the winged skulls. Some are replaced with Etched Brass from Forge World. This is to represent that not all renegades are in this by free will, but bullied by the Chaos Marines attached to the force. To make the force look more unique, I replaced all the gunbarrels with plastic rods. Some torsos are even replaced with studded leather armour from Mordheim. A couple of lasguns have their magazines replaced by the bolter belt from the CSM range. This makes nice autoguns. Flamer nozzles and nozzles on heavier weapons will get gargoyle heads from the Chaos range.

One figure I actually didn't plan on including, but the idea was so good I had to do it anyway, was this: A blind sniper. The cloak is going to include a fur trim, and most of the renegades are going to get some chainmail armour parts.

"What good is a blind sniper? How can he fire his gun!?" - Good question! the answere will become clear when the figure is painted.

Last, here's my commander. The scarred bald head fitted nice with the Khorne theme, the chainsword was replaced with a Marauder axe, the bolt pistol was replaced with a CSM pistol, and the torso was replaced with a studded leather armour from Mordheim.

So that's it for today. I have really good ideas for this army, So I'm guessing I will have a lot more pictures for next post.

Until then, cheers!!

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