torsdag 18 augusti 2011

Vacation over.

That was 6 great weeks, exept for the terrorism in Oslo of course...

Anyway, hobby-wise, I've had a good summer vacation. I didn't manage to finish my Blood Angels, but I painted a lot, got some more things for my army, played a lot of Apocalypse and standard 40k games, and I have actually made plans for my next army! The list and idea will be revealed soon.

My dad has always frowned on my hooby. He never got the idea of the game, combined with so much background story... But he has always been facinated by the painting. He couldn't quite grasp how you can paint so much details on such a small figure. As my skills improved, he just more and more facinated, and this summer he was in the mood to start painting, so I brought my paints and an old demo-marine I found at home.

Not the best but it was really well painted for being the first figure. Looked a lot better than my first mini...

More things to come! Follow my blog as "I turn evil". Whatever that means :)


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