onsdag 7 september 2011

Warp Invasion!

I was on my way to Games Workshop Oslo to play a game againts my friend Ludvig, and knowing he would be playing his new Imperial Fist army, I decided to go with Daemons, since I'm kind of tired of Marines VS Marines games.

I just wanted an army that looked cool, I didn't even expect to win, so I went for an all Khorne cohort (try saying that fast several times) with a Soul Grinder for support. This has to be the first time I wiped someone of the table with my Chaos Daemons. The game got me in a good mood, so I decided to dust of my old Daemons.

I got 3 new Bloodcrushers and started to modify my old ones. I will need a squad that's fully upgraded. The Soul Grinder will be replaced by a Blood Slaughterer from Forge World, for good measure ;)

Blood Slaughterer, picture property of Forge World. Used without permission.

Except for the new addition to my Daemons army, I will start a Defenders of Vraks army from Forge World. Instead of Chaos Renegades and Alpha Legion I will be using converted Cadians and Black Legion. The story behind this army wil be an Imperial Guard Army joining the Black Legion out of fear. That way you really get how evil the Chaos Marines really are!

When this army reaches around 2000 pts, I will add a Baneblade and some more Chaos Marines. Toss in some Daemons and I hope I will be able to field a truly impressive Apocalypse army (Yes, I'm all about Apocalypse...)!

So until next time, Cheers!!!

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