tisdag 28 juni 2011

Oscar - A hobby inspiration

Let me introduce Oscar. I live with this crazy person (who also happens to be a very nice guy). Oscar is not a hobbyist in any term. He doesn't play 40k, paint not sculpt. We share a common interest in 40k fiction though, so we both read the Horus Heresy series (which I have to purchase) and other 40k litterature.

Although he doesn't play nor sculpt, he always blurts out random thing that I find very helpful.

Take this figure for example:

My Idea was to make an entire Vanguard squad with Corvus armour and single-thrust jump packs. The sergeant was of course to be equipped with Lightning Claws. Oscars comment when he was shown this figure was "What is he doing? Shuffling?" He told me what the pose SHOULD look like, and this was what I came up with:

Thank you, Oscar.

Once he said "Wouldn't it be cool to have an entire Space Marine squad consisting of Sergeants?". I was in the middle of thinking "Don't be silly!" when it hit me that "Yeah, it would!" So a future project will be a Blood Angels Captain from another company with his Honourguard, consisting of a Vanguard Squad consisting of his 10 sergeants.

Thank you, Oscar.

And the last idea that really spoke to me was automated weapons on my bunkers. Since I painted my bunkers rusty and ruined, Oscar thought that there should be a chance that the weapons automated systems fails to recognise its occupants from the enemy. In order to fire the weapons, the controlling player needs to pass a Leadershiptest, or the weapon fires at the closest target.

Thank you, Oscar.

That's it for this post, until the next time!


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