måndag 21 februari 2011

3rd tactical squad

Purchased a Blood Angels battleforce and assembled the tactical squad. This will be the third tactical squad, and I now officially have half a company!

The first two squads was more to see how well I could combine Death Company bitz with Space Marine bitz to get a Blood Angel feeling. Now I have started to use metal shoulder pads (am also thinking about switching the old shoulder pads on 1st and 2nd squad) and have also started to theme the squads.

Since I got an Assault squad with the Battle Force I used those legs and some Death Company legs to get a running squad. The only model not running is the one carrying the missile launcher, but he also got a sense of motion added.

Fourth to sixth will also be themed, but for now I don't know what to do. Am thinking along the lines of a squad at ease, with marines reloading their bolters, saluting, reading auspexes and so forth. Am also considering combining Assault arms, switching bolt pistols for bolters and chainswords for combat knives.

With so many new ideas I had to think about squad markings, which I will cover next week, so until then;


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