måndag 21 februari 2011

Squad Markings

The 2nd Tactical squad of the 3rd Company. Surprisingly it's not done yet...

Something I like with stand-alone Space marine codexes is the amount of fiction it offers. Blood Angels does not mark their squads as a normal Codex chapter. Instead of displaying the tactical mark and squad number on their shoulderpad they have a colourful symbol on their kneepads. The second tactical squad have a white skull on a blue background. The banners often displays the sergeants personal motif. I thought I would mark my squads a little more, and save me the trouble of coming up with 6-10 personal motifs...

Every sergeant will display on his banner his squad emblem with some personal details, like added angel wings, blood drops etc. This means that I will have to put a banner on every tactical sergeant, and that means the I have to phase out the 1st sergeant.

That was this week's post.
Until next week!

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