onsdag 16 februari 2011

A quickie

Todays post will be a short one since I haven't had the time to paint anything in particular. There's also the fact that the last post I did was only 4 days ago...
Well here's what's on my agenda:

Don't know if I've mentioned it on my blog before, but I have an idea on what to use as wound markers in an Imperial army. Servo skulls! Since I have a bunch of friends who played or plays Deamonhunters, and since they get two skulls in every pack of anything they buy, they always have a few to spare. I happily adopted/stole/recieved/bought several skulls and I will now be using them as wound markers. Captain Tycho for example, has 3 wounds. He will be accompanied by two skulls. They won't need to be within coherency, and if my opponent complains that they block LOS I simply move them. When Tycho loses a wound, I will remove a skull in turn, and upon losing his last wound the Captain himself will be removed.

A simple idea, yet brilliant (thank you)! And when I'm done with this "squad" I will continue with my 3rd company (or 1st company support).

Until next week then!

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