onsdag 3 november 2010


About 50-60 figures has to be painted, and I feel that I have managed to paint a lot in the last few days. 20 Daemonettes, 20 Horrors, 10 Plaguebearers, and I figured while I'm at it I might as well paint my Herald of Nurgle and my Nurglings.

The Daemonettes has been painted with the basecoat and washed once (as I said in the last entry), and now they also recieved the first highlight.

The Horrors are at the same stage: basecoated, washed and highlighted once. I painted them using the guide on GW's website. Dwarf flesh, Baal red wash, Dwarf Flesh + Red gore highlight, then mix in bleached bone for each succesive highlight. A little warning; Dwarf flesh doesn't go well with the spray gun, so you will have to paint them by hand, and you will probably have to paint several layers. I had to use 3 :(

The Changeling will be painted as the Horrors, and not as painted by GW. I like the way GW has painted this little fella', but I want to show that he in fact is a Pink Horror, and since you have to purchase him as an upgrade, I wanted him to fit into the squad.

And sorry, still no pictures of the Plaguebearers. You will have to wait untill the next issue of the Astronomican (or become a close friend with me). But I can tell you that they are comming along really nice, and I'm very satisfied with them. Fact is that I'm so satisfied with them that I'm planning on buying 10 more to get a full squad :)

Looking forward to this weekend because this saturday is the release of the new Monstrous Figure case :)

See you next week!

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