onsdag 10 november 2010


More reinforcements from my old gaming club in sweden! Visited my parents this weekend again, and I took the opportunity to get my daemons I still had lying around in my old club. Behold the daemons of Tzeentch!

I created theese a when I just had startde with 40k (again), and I am very happy with the results. The fact that they are awsome in a game of 40k is a huge bonus.

This Lord of Change I named Duamatef, wich is a name of an Egyptian God. The entire right leg was scultped in greenstuff, and also parts of the arm, his back and of cource the singlet. Never heard of a sorcerer who discards his robe for a singlet. Imagine Gandalf in a wifebeater :)

The second Daemon is a Prince, wich I named Amon, wich I also assume is Egyptian.
This prince is one of my best work. I used the Nightbringer as a base, added a carrion bird head, sculpted the hood, added pegasus wings and switched the scythe for Ahriman's black staff.

With theese figures in my collection I now only need a Great Unclean One to field a Tetragon of Darkness in Apocalypse. Speaking of Apocalypse, I just finished an Armylist and I think my goals have become quite clear. Here's my "What I need list":

*1 Great Unclean One
*1 Herald of Slaanesh
*1 Fateweaver
*1 Masque of Slaanesh
*1 Soul Grinder
*5 Pink Horrors

When this is aquired and painted, I will have no less than 7 Formations and Legendary Units for Apocalypse(!!!) and the list will reach about 7000 pts!!!
And when you see the list of what I need, you can see that it's really not that much. The downside to this army will be Fateweaver and his Council of Despair. It's awsome to field Fateweaver and a group of Damon Princes, but the entire army looses the Daemonic Assault ability, and that makes several units, formations and icons useless! Why would I pay extra to get a group of Soul Grinders that can't deep strike? Why would I have Icons? Can I keep formations and units in reserve and deep strike them in turn 2+

Will have to check theese things up before I get the ugly bird.

Untill next week!

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