onsdag 27 oktober 2010

Double posting

Since I didn't have the energy to post last week, I'll post a double this week.

We'll start off with a paintguide for my Daemonettes. I just got started on them (and it's about time too!). Have a few empty paint pots lying around, I decided to mix my own basecolour. I mixed Hormagaunt Purple : Dheneb Stone in a aproximately 4:1 ratio.

After I sprayed all 20 Daemonettes, I spray washed them with Leviathan Purple. After that they recieved a highlight consisting of the first basecoat purple (Named Daemonette purple), and the second highlight will be Daemonette purple with a bit Skull White.

I'll wait a while with telling you about the armour, hair and loincloth, since I haven't fully decided how to paint the,.

That's it for now, on to post number two!

- - -

Last Saturday my friend and I played a "small" Apocalypse game at the local Games Workshop store. It was Daemons (of course) versus Imperial Guard. The point limit was 3000, and we played for killpoints. A good idea when you play a larger game, and especially in a store, is to set a time limit. We figured that since there were only two of us and we only played 3k, then we should need 5 minutes per phase, so we summed it up to 15 per turn.

I tried to mix my army as much as possible, so I got at least one squad from each patron God. Speaking of Gods...

Finally, I got to play An'ggrath again! More on this at the bottom. One of my Formations was "The Changeling's Grand Dissimulation". This formation is deployed like a normal unit, not a daemonic unit, and it is deployed inside the opponents deployment zone. It can't be shot at nor assaulted in the first turn, but it can't shoot nor assault either as well. Pretty useless? I don't think so since by the beginning of turn two you have a unit in place to fire all their weapons, and if you are smart, a well placed icon!

By placing the Grand Dissimulation to the left flank, I knew the group of Horrors was a unit lost if it didn't get support as soon as possible. Facing one Baneblade, several Chimeras and Leman Russ tanks, and with only one anti-tank weapon, I knew I needed some heavy backup.

Mammon scattered a bit off, so he had to run for some turns, but he was without a doubt the heavy punch needed to take out several tanks though credit for destroying not one, but two super-heavy tanks goes to An'ggrath.

Felt like he got slowed down a bit. Forgot that I could have had him run instead of using his ranged attack that didn't do much anyway. He also managed to destroy a Leman Russ Executioner and a Chimera while he was on his rampage, but the super-heavy kills felt really good. It came at a price though. An'ggrath lost 7 wounds during the game. One good melta hit more and he would be screaming prophanities while being sucked back into the warp.

It was a fun game, and it was over in a couple of hours. I am really in the mood for another game, I will have to plan that soon. Next on my agenda is ordering the Monstrous Figure case from Games Workshop, The Keeper of Secrets from Forge World and try to play another game of Apocalypse. Since I don't have to pay toll when I get orders sent to my parents place in Sweden, I will try to book a game while I'm visiting my old folks.

Hopefully I have gotten the Monstrous Figure case by then so I can bring An'ggrath, and maybe even get some of my greater Daemons I left when I moved to Norway.

Next week: ...Don't know really, but I would guess that I'll continue with the Daemonettes, or maybe begin basecoating the Horrors.

Untill next week then!

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  1. Note to self, needs more stuff... Nok en gang, fantastisk kamp :D Now paint them daemonettes!