onsdag 17 november 2010

Work work!

I've had a very productive week. Not only did I finished my Plaguebearers, I'm nearly finished with the Horrors too!

The flesh is finished, and almost all details are finished, now only awaiting a wash and basing. While I painted my Plaguebearers I also swung my brush at Mammon, the Daemonprince of Nurgle, finishing some details on the model. Only thing left is the base, but I'll wait with that and paint all bases in one go.

I painted the wounds Dwarf Flesh and washed them in Baal Red to get a more fleshy feeling. Painting Blood Red, washing red and ardcoating just makes it a fake red colour that won't pass for blood. By the way, remember this figure?

This is my second Soul Grinder, wich I began painting when I still lived in my old apartment. It has recieved several highlights on the skin area, and now I just have to paint the spine and other small details. I am planning on getting a third Soul Grinder that will be converted a bit more than these other two.

I also just got my Monster Figure Case that I ordered, and it is just big enough to fit An'ggrath!

As a big bonus, the Games Workshop staff told me that there will be a Dark Eldar Apocalypse game this saturday. I intend to make it a Chaos Daemons Apocalypse game! Using Uraka the Warfiend as Skarbrand, and proxying Mammon as Ku'gath the Plaguefather i aim to field a Tetragon of Darkness! So, four Greater Daemons with one unit each, two Soul Grinders and a Daemon Lord should be enough to intimidate my enemies. Maybe I'll even throw in a Prince or two, and if I manage to get my Seekers based I will also field the Outriders of the Brazen Host.

So next week is pretty obvious: Apocalypse battle report!

Until then, Cheers!!

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