torsdag 29 juli 2010

Week 4 - Goal!

Aaaaand saved!
Finished my monthly challenge just in time (with some days to spare as well!).
Here are some pictures of my entire Blood Angels army, with some highlights of the figures I just finished.

You may have noted that none of the figures are the standard Vanguard/Sternguard models. That is because I dislike metal figures, specially if they are unbalanced like SM with jump packs. Instead I used Death Company, Space Marine bits and some parts from the Sanguinary Guard box, with a lot of pre-heresy styled bits and loads of parchement and purity seals.

I don't have a monthly challenge for August, and that's because I'm going to paint my terminators, and just like the Standard bearer, that's some figures I'm NOT going to stress...

Untill next time then!

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