torsdag 5 augusti 2010

Change of plans!

Sorry, no pictures today, since I haven't had time to paint.
While I was on vacation I talked with an old friend of mine. This guy is so smart, that if he said "jump of a cliff" I would jump (Ok, I wouldn't, but you get the symbolism...). I questioned him about the Blood Angels Codex and he gave me a lot of useful tips. Whne I asked him what he used as a HQ he simply answered "basic Captain, combi Bolter-melta". That sounds like Tycho to me! for an extra cost, your basic captian will be upgraded with a monstrous creature power weapon, sternguard ammo and a leadership of 10 for your entire army! So I decided to repaint the markings on the right shoulderpads and turn my marines into the 3rd company under the command of Captain Tycho! And if I don't want to use Tycho, I can just proxy him as a Normal Captain. I have started painting the Honour Guard Banner, and will soon start on the Terminators as well.


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