onsdag 9 juni 2010

Mammon - Daemonprince of Nurgle

I currently have many projects on my desk, and one of them is Mammon, daemonprince of Nurgle. Last picture I showed of him was when he was painted calthan brown. Now I have washed it with devlan mud, drybrushed it with catachan green, and highlighted it with rotting flesh into the catachan green. The tank and his cannon was painted vomit brown, washed badab black and mottled/strippled with boltgun metal. The slime in the tank was painted gretchin green, and each highlight had rotting flesh mixed into it. Now Im not sure whether to paint the sores and blisters on his skin in different colors, or if I'm just going to let it be puke-green...

And as you can see, I'm changing the way I'm uploading my pictures to this format instead. It's easier for me to make these pictures than uploading a large number of pics. It's also easier for you to right-click, save as and keep them on your computer :)
Until next week, cheers!

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