onsdag 2 juni 2010

Catachan Devils

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you my first Kill Team: Sergeant Harker and the Catachan Devils!

Finally finished, and it took me only about a week to paint these 10 figures. The team consists of Gunnery sgt. Harker, 2 veterans with shotguns, 2 with lasguns, one with sniper, one with a flamer, one with a meltagun, two upgraded to a heavy weapon team with a heavy bolter and one scout sentinel.

The sentinel was painted in the same palette as the rest of the unit, and it's base was decorated with small jungle trees, ruins and carnivourus plants.

The heavy weapon team also had its base extra decorated, due to its size. When you're basing a large base, I find it important to decorate it as much as possible, and varying the sand. I'll make a tutorial about basing in the future.

I already had time to play a game of Kill Team while I was visiting my parents. My team of specialists encountered a group of Ork Boys, wich crushed my team. Revising the army list, I found that Harker is a good Character, but in Kill Team he just isn't worth his points, especially not when you can get relentless to your heavy weapon team. The ability to infiltrate wasn't to useful either, since it's a pretty small table.

So, Harker is moving to another battlezone, and he's bringing the sentinel with him. Replacing him will be Sergeant Krauser, and another unnamed sergeant who's in control over another veteran squad. So, I'm hoping 20 veterans with maxed-out upgrades will be able to match a Kill Team focused on numbers instead of skills. Now, enjoy the rest of the pictures.

Until next week, Cheerios!

2 kommentarer:

  1. good paint job! to bad that harker was a waste :(

  2. Well, Harker was not a complete waste. He will be added to the army when I chose to expand the Kill Team into a full 40k Army :)