tisdag 25 maj 2010

Honour Guard - A multi-piece project

I don't intend to use this unit, but the idea I had for converting them was so good that I had to get one anyway. I'm talking about the Blood Angels Honour Guard. I have used bits from more than 3 boxed sets, including the Death Company as a base with the most important swaps from the Space Marine Command Squad. The unit is also equipped with single-thrust jump packs commonly deployed by the Sanguinary Guards. some heads are also from the SG set, and one guard have a Power Fist looted from an Assault Squad. Theese will be painted (albeit my disliking) in gold. I actually liked the idea from the 3rd ed codex, that the Honour Guards had only gold helmets, but in 5th ed, all veterans from 1st company have golden helmets, and the Honour Guard have the entire armour painted gold. Ok, fine...

The Honour Guard consists of five marines: One standard bearer, Company Champion and Sanguinary Novitate, and two guards with mixed wargear.

The Standard Bearer was assembled in a more relaxed pose, with both feet firm on the ground, and with the armor with as much details as possible. I did this to point out the fact that it's a great honour to carry the company standard, and so he should adorn his armour to empathize his devotion.

The Comapny Champion was pretty much assembled as the normal Company Champion from the box, with some parts swapped. Legs, obviously taken from the DC box. I chose the knight-looking helmet from the same kit, as it looked like the Company Champion head, but with blood drops on it. For the torso I chose the most robust-looking armor.

The Sanguinary Novitate used a lot of bits from the standard set, like the torso and the reductor. The head incorporated the Chalice wich is typical for Sanguinary Priests. The Chalice can also (not) be seen on his right shoulder pad.

The two last guards was equipped to be all-around fighters. The one above was equipped with a Power Fist and Hand Flamer, while the one below was equipped with a Power Sword and Infernus Pistol. Both have something for tanks, and something for critters.

Sorry for the crappy pictures, my photo-section was occupied by my flatmate's stuff.
This entry was posted one day in advance partially as a "sorry" for always being late with the entries, and partially because I'm working late tomorrow and won't have a chance to update the blog. Next week I'll show pics of the completed Catachan Devils Kill Team!

Until then, Cheers!

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  1. I just finished the DoW II chaos rising campaign (in the end I got killed for heresy, hehe) and couldnt help but to fall in love with the blood ravens honour guard. And when I see your conversion of the blood angels honour guard I maybe will choose the god emperor over the choas gods. can't wait for the finsihed models