torsdag 20 maj 2010

Harker - Neck sold separetly

I finally got assembled Sergeant Harker and the Sentinel! Theese figures have also been basecoated. I have started to paint the rest of the team, and I will show pictures in a couple of weeks.

This weekend Im visiting my old gaming club for a 40k sunday. I will be playing lots of 40k and hopefully some kill team. I also hope to find my old figures to bring with me home.

A friend wanted me to paint 4 characters for his Fantasy army, and he's paying well. I'm taking this
offer and will post pictures of the finished figures.

I will also post some pictures of some winning entries I've made recently in various painting

But for now, the only thing I have to show is Harker and the Sentinel.


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  1. nice. I'm looking forward for the painted figs.