onsdag 12 maj 2010

Blood Angels

When I heard that a new Codex: Blood Angels was going to be released, I decided on the spot to start a Blood Angels army. Back when I was 12, and was very active within my hobby, I had a sizeable Blood Angels army of the 3rd Company. This was of course led be Captain Tycho. I Didn’t have the entire 3rd company, but I wasn’t far away from it. I also had several characters, special characters, veterans, scouts and support vehicles. I sold my entire army to a friend because I didn’t have time to play, and I did so much else on my spare time that I didn’t have the time to paint either.

I had the urge several times to collect and paint, so I got some Chaos Daemons for conversions. When Codex: Daemons was released I figured I only needed two small troop choices to begin playin again. After several losses I expanded my army and now have more than 6000pts of Chaos Daemons.

But I was always a Blood Angel at heart.

So it’s not difficult to understand why I simply had to get a Blood Angels Army again! My first decision was wich company to play. I thought of the 3rd, but since Captian Tycho doesn’t (or should I say “didn’t”) have a jump pack, He will be very hard to play in a Apocalypse game, since I will be aiming for the Masters of the Chapter formation with Dante in the front. He will be followed by 4 captains, and if not all of them have Jump packs, then the formation will be heavily slowed down... Since Tycho’s death, he got replaced by Captain Machiavi, so I would be free to kit him as I saw fit. Then came the question of painting. I never liked the white blood drop that the 3rd company has on their right shoulder pad, so I went for the 2nd Company with their yellow blood drop. This will be much easier to paint since the release of foundation paints.

When I saw the new Sanguinary Guard I decided to get one box that would be slaughtered just for bits. This box made up my 4 Captains, with a lot of bits to spare! The picture below is my 4 Captains. I tried to equip them as much as possible like the Masters of the Chapter, but switched some things in favour of close combat equipment.

From the left: Aphael of the 2nd, Machiavi of the 3rd, Castigon of the 4th, and Borgio of the 10th.

I had a pretty clear picture of how I wanted my Blood Angels when I saw the new sprues. All tactical, assault and devastator squads would be kit-bashed with the new Death Company box. My flatmate Oscar had an old box of 3rd edition 40k, and donated the space marines to my cause. I salvaged all the bits I could and found out that I could make 7 marines from the bits. More than enough, since I needed the DC kit to complete it. The pictures below shows 1st squad of the 2nd company.

The same thing applied to the 7th squad (1st assault squad), one assault squad and one DC kit. Blends nice together, and made an awsome squad with lots of bits left! Pictures below shows the 7th squad of the 2nd company.

Im not really sure about how to paint the figures though. I want them a little darker than my 3rd company figures. I’m thinking about Chaos Black undercoat, Merchrite Red base, drybrush with Blood Red and the difficult part, highlights... If I use white, the models will turn pink, if I use yellow the figures will turn orange. I’m thinking about mixing Blood Red with Blazing Orange, or Elf Flesh. I will have to try this out on a test model before I engage an entire squad...

Untill then, Cheers!

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