torsdag 25 mars 2010

Soul Grinder Work in Progress

Here are the latest pictures from my work in progress. As I've told you before, right now im working on my second Soul Grinder. I really love the Soul Grinder! It's a really cool figure, plus it is awsome in game (especially with the Phlegm upgrade).

Originally I was supposed to go for a black skin with shadow grey highlights. This made the entire figure look unfinished. It looked like I had painted the metal parts and didn't bother with the daemonflesh. So I decided to go for another colour.

Since I wanted an Undivided Soul Grinder I went for a neutral color, meaning I had to avoid purple, pink, red, green, brown, blue and white. I ended up using Khemri Brown. This is a lighter brown with a lot of Bleached Bone likeness so I figured I could paint this brown without making it look Nurglesque. The flesh will recieve a wash of Gryphone Sepia or Devlan Mud, and then I will try several highlights with Dheneb Stone or Bleached Bone mixed into the color. I want to avoid using it pure, since I have to paint the spine on the entity as well...

I want to apply typical Iron Warriors markings, like the yellow/black-striped warning markings on the figure, but I can't seem to find any space to paint the markings. The picture above shows the only place that has recieved the markings so far.

Meanwhile on another site on the internet:
Games Workshop has finally made a new Chaos Daemons article, and this time it's nothing less than Tactica: Daemons! Hopefully this is a hint that the Second Wave will be released soon (Plastic Tzeentch, plastic Plaguebearers), but I'm only wishlisting...
Anyway, it's a great article, so if you're not registered at Games Workshop, do it and read The Astronomican!

Next week will be a 50%-50% post... I'm moving next week, so I have tons to pack and move, while we have to buy new furniture, refrigirator and the like. So I'm not even sure I have the time to make a new post. If I do, I will show pictures of a really cool figure...

Untill then, Cheers!

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  1. awesome!! I think I will copy a bit of your soul grinder if I may, with the hole lower body is painted in metal. I will check out the article. And I will be busy nexy week to so if you don't update I don't mind to much. Bye!