onsdag 17 mars 2010

Daemon Prince of Slaanesh

Here's a picture of my Daemonprince of Slaanesh in progress, and a quick guide on how I have pinted it so far, and what I have left.

I began with a mix of Hormagaunt Purple and Dheneb Stone (about 3:1 mix).
This was then washed with Leviathan Purple.
The first highlight was achieved by adding a small amount of Skull White to the mix. The final Highlight was pure Skull White with lots of water in it.

The horns and claws will be painted black, and highlighted with shadow grey/chaos black. I'm not sure about the cloth yet. I'm thinking about purple or pink. Purple will probably be better, but I'm not sure which hue I will use since I want it to look bright.

Next week I'll show you the pictures of my Soul Grinder in progress.
Untill then,


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