söndag 4 april 2010

Yet another pause!

Well, as I've told you I recently moved to a larger appartment. This took most of the easter, and since we don't have internet (nor refrigerator, oven or washingmachine) I won't be able to update the blog... AGAIN! I'm getting pretty sick and tired of theese breakes...
If you're wondering what I'm doing online right now, I'm visiting my parents over easter.

But the good news is that WHEN I can update blog again, I will post pictures of the figure I ordered from Forge World ^^

If you play 40k yourself, I'm sure you haven't missed that Codex: Blood Angels was released this saturday, along with several new Blood Angels minis! I already got the codex and am currently making an armylist. The first thing I'm getting is a Death Company box and Sanguinary Guard, and I'm only going to use it as bits!

My flatmate had a box of 3rd edition 40k lying around wich he gave to me. So I just recieved 10 Space Marines and several Dark Eldars (are they still alive?) and a Space Marine Land Speeder. This Squad will serve as the first tactical squad of my Blood Angels army.

Ok, cross your fingers and hope that I'll get my internet back soon!

Happy easter all!

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  1. Even if I like daemons more it could be good to see some more armies. And you should have posted this 10 min earlier, because then you would have posted it 1337