tisdag 2 mars 2010

Reinforcements from Sweden

Recently I took a trip to my parents place to visit my dad who recently returned from a long trip to Argentina. While I was there I took the oppurtunity to visit my old local gaming club and play a game of 40k.

This was to be a 1000p battle between Chaos Daemons and Space Marines.
Since all my Khorne Daemons was still in Oslo, I had to use all the other Daemons I had at my old local gaming club. The Armylist consisted of one Keeper of secrets, 2 Fiends of Slaanesh, one unit of Horrors, one unit of Plaguebearers, one Soul Grinder, one unit of Nurglings and one unit of Flamers.

First of, I didn't get the cohort i chose, so i had to start with the Keeper of Secrets named Eidolon, the Plaguebearers and flamers. The Flamers were destroyed due to deep strike mishap, but the rest landed behind cover. What I learned during this game was:

*Plaguebearers are not easy to kill.
*Take cover!
*Soulgrinders are awsome! Need more of those!
*Fiends of Slaanesh are not as hard as you think.
*ALWAYS deep strike with your units at least 13" from each board edges!!
*Terminators = bad. Take them out with ranged fire, NOT with your Keeper of Secrets.

Eidolon was killed during the game. He took a lascannon/heavy bolter hit from a Predator tank, and then he charged the terminators and failed to kill them all, resulting in a group of angry revenging fists. Well, Eidolon has done well before. During a tournament he managed to kill 1 Grey Knight Grand Master, 10 Grey Knights and 1 Grey Knight Land Raider. This is more than three times his own points cost. Plus he managed to make 8 4+ saving throws and was the only Daemon to survive the battle. This earned him the title "Entity of the match".

So here's some of the reinforcements from Sweden. Most of it will get a new paintjob soon.
And I want at least two more soulgrinders. One Khornate and one undivided.

To the anonymous comment in the Apocalypse blog, An'ggrath counts as a HQ, but since he's a gargantuan creature he is only allowed in apocalypse games. And since he costs more than 800 points it would be very difficult to take him in a normal 40k game.

Three announcements:
1: This blog is one day late because they were digging up our cable just outside out house.
2: Unless you already noticed, this blog only update wednesdays from now on.
3: Blood Angels will be re-released in april, so expect a lot of those!


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  1. nice daemons! Good paint job, but I know you can make it better. And you need a bigger photo taking paper at the back :P