lördag 13 februari 2010

Mixing it up

Collecting a mono army has been fun, but man is it hard to play an all Khorne army!
Therefor, I'm adding some of the other God's minions to the army. This will include a soulgrinder, Daemonettes, Flamers and one of my favorite units: Nurgle Daemonprince.

Timing couldn't be better! A friend is placing an order from Forge World and asked if anyone wanted to add something to the order and split the postage.
Without hesitating I asked him to add Mammon to the order. pictures of the figure can be seen HERE!

Why do I like Nurgle Daemonprinces so much? Because they are awsome! Here's how I usually kit

Chaos Daemon Prince - 200p
Gifts: Iron Hide, Mark of Nurgle, Noxious Touch, Breath of Chaos, Unholy Might.

This is a real monster! The mark of Nurgle and Iron Hide makes him a very tough target. The improved
Toughness allows him to brush of most hits, and those that actually manage to wound him have a good chance to be ignored due to the Iron Hide gift. Breath of Chaos has always been a favorite ability of mine. It's an anti-horde weapon that can deal with creatures of any size since it counts as a poisoned weapon.

If you're wondering why I have Unholy Might AND Noxious Touch, it's because Unholy Might helps destroying tanks, and it also boosts the Noxious Touch ability. Noxious Touch is a melee poison attack, and if you have strength equal to or higher than the targets toughness, you get to re-roll
your die. Unholy Might helps the Daemon Prince dealing with larger targets!

Combine this with Epidemius and Nurglings and you will have a pretty hard hitting army!

Meanwhile, here are some pictures of my Slaanesh in progress.

More close-ups as I progress!


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